Typical Projects


  • Over 1000 cellular telephone sites in B.C.
  • Over 50 telephone microwave sites in B.C., including transmission towers and passive reflectors


  • 50 heavy equipment maintenance and repair facilities in BC, Yukon Territory and Alberta Finning (Canada)
  • Steel service centers, large and small steel fabricating plants
  • Maintenance engineering for pulp and paper industry
  • Industrial parks with and without rail access
  • 15 district office and warehouse buildings for BC Hydro


  • Office buildings and hotels up to 22 storeys
  • 5 major shopping centres including Oakridge and Lansdowne
  • 12 parking structures
  • Office / warehouse combinations


  • Major hospitals in Vancouver and Surrey
  • Churches and schools
  • Gymnasia, grandstands and other sport related structures


  • Docks and ramps
  • Floating walkways
  • Viewpoints


  • Highway
  • Railway
  • Logging
  • Pedestrian
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